To help you overcome your nicotine cravings while attempting to kick the habit, here are some tips.

Most persons who smoke or chew tobacco on a regular basis have strong urges to do so. You are not, however, helpless in the face of these cravings. You have the capacity to fight back. Be aware that, regardless of whether you smoke a cigarette or chew tobacco, the urge to use tobacco will usually disappear in five to ten minutes.Philip Morris Accord Ad - YouTube

Take part in a nicotine replacement therapy programme.

A nicotine replacement therapy may be prescribed by your primary care physician. Nicotine administered by prescription nasal spray or inhaler is one option.

Over-the-counter nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges

Electronic cigarette usage as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking has received a lot of attention recently. Further study is needed to determine whether or not electronic cigarettes may help individuals stop smoking and whether or not these devices are safe to use for lengthy periods of time.

Avoiding triggers is the second step.

It’s possible that the situations in which you smoked or chewed tobacco the most often, such as at parties or when stressed or drinking coffee, are the ones where you experience the most cravings for tobacco use. Set up a plan to stop smoking or deal with the situations that are most likely to get you back into the habit of smoking.

Delay is a third option.

Pretend your want for tobacco will have to wait for another ten minutes before you can indulge. While you’re waiting, engage in some activity to get your mind off of the craving. You might try finding a public place where smoking is prohibited. If you follow these simple steps, you may find that you no longer want cigarettes.

Make it a routine.

Put a little stuff between your lips to keep you from reaching for the cigarette. A sugar-free gum or a hard candy, or some celery, raw carrots, sunflower seeds or nuts for a satisfying crunch.

Never limit yourself to just one.

In order to satisfy a need, you may be tempted to smoke only a single cigarette. You should not, however, delude yourself into believing that you’ve arrived. The more you have, the more likely it is that you will pick up the habit again. This is especially true if you just have one.


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