Credit Cards – Do You Really Need One?

For many people, especially people who have had problems with credit cards in the past, there is a strong desire never to see or touch another piece of colorful plastic ever again. And, depending on how you want to live your life, it is possible to go for years and years without ever once charging a purchase. However, regardless of your past credit card experiences there are a few good reasons why you should consider always having a card in your wallet or purse.

Did I need 20 grand in my hip pocket every time I walked out my door? No, of course not. But it made me feel safe. I knew that no matter what happened I could buy my way out of any situation. If necessary, I could even buy a new car with what I carried on me.

Now I’m not suggesting that anyone carry 20 grand around with them. That was rather excessive, admittedly. But there is something to be said for having a few dollars in reserve in the form of plastic for an emergency. You never know when buy vcc a broken water pump could strand you in the middle of nowhere, or when a new tire could save a road trip. Or, heaven forbid, when a card could make the difference in the emergency room of a hospital.Shop Safely Online: Use a Virtual Credit Card Number | Virtual credit card, Credit  card online, Credit card numbers

There are other reasons why almost everyone should carry at least one credit card with them at all times. There are, after all, a few things in this world that require the use of a credit card. For example, it is almost impossible to rent a car without a credit card. At some rental locations cash is not accepted.

And just try making hotel reservations over the phone without a credit card. It’s possible that it can be done, but it won’t be easy and at some hotels it won’t be possible at all.

The same can be true when booking an airline reservation. Airlines prefer that you use a credit card so that there is a record of you and a paper trail that can be followed if necessary. It is also virtually impossible to book a flight online without a credit card.

In some cases it is possible to use a pre-paid credit card. A pre-paid card looks and acts just like a regular credit card, complete with a VISA® or MASTERCARD® logo. One thing to keep in mind when using a pre-paid card is that you may need at least $50 more in stored credit on the card than you are actually trying to charge, especially for items such as gasoline and hotel rooms.

The reason for this is because oil companies and hotels traditionally require a card to have at least $50 in credit over and above what a person is trying to charge – the reasons are many but include the possibility of the cardholder needing to charge more than they initially thought, either for unanticipated extras associated with a hotel room, or filling a gas tank past the anticipated point.

But no matter what kind of card you are looking for or how you intend using (or not using) it, one thing remains constant: in order to find the card that’s a perfect fit for you, your lifestyle and your budget, it is vital that you not only have a huge number of cards from which to choose, but also that each card is laid out in such a way that you can compare them side-by-side and head-to-head so that you can quickly and simply make comparisons of the features, rates and charges of each. And the best and least expensive place to do that – by far – is online!

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